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IRTE, the Institute of Road Transport Engineers, is a UK organisation founded in 1944 as a Professional Sector of the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE). IRTE publishes the monthly magazine Transport Engineer, as well as a wide range of technical guides. IRTE is a partner in the CV Show, a commercial vehicle exhibition.

The Irtec license is a professional certification for auto technicians in the U.K. Established in 2002, the Irtec licence is a voluntary scheme that assesses the competence of automotive technicians who maintain and repair vehicles in the following 4 classes; Heavy Goods Vehicle (above 7.5t), Light Commercial Vehicle (below 7.5t), Light & Heavy Commercial Vehicle (combined) and Bus and Coach.[1] An Irtec licence certifies the individual, rather than the employer, and can be used to demonstrate a common standard of skills from one company to the next.

The Irtec licence is offered at several benchmark levels:

  • Vehicle Safety and Inspection Technician Licence
  • Service Maintenance and Repair Technician Licence
  • Advanced Technician Licence
  • Master Technician Licence

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