Instituto Tecnológico de Querétaro

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Tecnologico de Queretaro
TypePublic university
Location, ,

The Technological Institute of Querétaro is part of Mexico's National Institutes of Technology system, which is an organized educational complex, high academic self-sufficiency and continuity in their actions, together by a strong sense of national community and with strong traditions in the fields of academic planning, technological research and cultural and sports activities. As the system has a separate identity, but between schools shows regional characteristics.

The whole system represents a national effort to instill in young people a close relationship with science and technology, with such strength that will never become extinct in the future.

The Technological Institute of Querétaro opened to youth in Querétaro, on 2 January 1967 at the premises of the Industrial Technical School No. 59.

On 15 May of that year, President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz officer delivers the present facilities of the Institute's first director Vera Ing Rodolfo Zapata.

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