Integrated Biological Detection System

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The Integrated Biological Detection System is a system used by the British Army for detecting Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear agents or elements. The Integrated Biological Detection System can provide early warning of a chemical or biological warfare attack and is in service with the United Kingdom Joint NBC Regiment. It can be installed in a container which can be mounted on a vehicle or ground dumped. It is also able to be transported by either a fixed-wing aircraft or by helicopter.

The system comprises

  • A detection suite, including equipment for atmospheric sampling
  • Meteorological station and GPS
  • CBRN filtration and environmental control for use in all climates
  • Chemical agent detection
  • A independent power supply
  • Cameras for 360 degree surveillance [1]

A U.S. military system with a similar purpose and a similar name is the Biological Integrated Detection System (BIDS).


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