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Intellifont was a scalable font technology developed by Tom Hawkins at Compugraphic in Wilmington, Massachusetts during the late 1980s, the patent for which was granted to Hawkins in 1987. Intellifont fonts were hinted on a Digital Equipment Corporation VAX mainframe computer using Ikarus software. In 1990, printer and computing system manufacturer Hewlett-Packard adopted Intellifont scaling as part of its PCL 5 printer control protocol, and Intellifont technology was shipped with HP LaserJet III and 4 printers. In 1991, Commodore released AmigaOS 2.04, which contained the font engine bullet.library with native support for the format. Intellifont technology became part of Agfa-Gevaert's Universal Font Scaling Technology (UFST), which allows OEM's to produce printers capable of printing on either the Adobe systems PostScript or HP PCL language.

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