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The Intendancy of Brittany was an intendancy created in 1689 by Louis XIV, after 2 attempts to do so in 1636 and 1647. The governor of Brittany had a more prestigious role, but the intendant was the essential relay for the monarch's will.

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History of the institution[edit]


In 1786, the headquarters of the intendance was displaced to Nantes to remove it from the immediate influence of the parliament and the Estates General or their committees. The towns of Brest, Chateaubriand, Le Croisic, Dinan, La Guerche, Lamballe, Montfort and Saint-Brieuc sent letters of protest in reply to the letter that they had received from the community of Rennes ; the officers of the présidial or the corporations joined this movement, as did the officers of the maîtres-perruquiers.[1]


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Notes and references[edit]

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