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IPI (Interested party information) is a unique identifying number assigned by the CISAC database to each Interested Party in collective rights management. It is used worldwide by more than 120 countries and three million right holders.[1]

Example of IP Base Number : I-000000229-7.

In October 2001, the IPI database replaced the CAE list.[2]

Money is collected by a national society when copyrighted music is performed in public, in the form of license fees. This society then pays out royalties to the parties that have a financial interest in that music. These parties include the writer of the music (i.e. the composer), the writer of the lyrics (i.e. the author), and the person or company that publishes the music (i.e. the publisher).

IPI codes are strictly connected with International Standard Musical Work Codes (ISWC). For example, one of the songs called Ernie, which has an ISWC number of T-010.171.314-7, has just one interested party, that of Benny Hill whose IPI number is 00014107338. This IPI number can then be used to find all other works by him.


In relation to ISWC each party has at least one role. Roles can be:

  • C composer
  • A author (of the text)
  • E publisher
  • CA composer/author
  • AR arranger
  • AD adapter
  • AM administrator
  • SE sub-publisher

The standards describe the person who adapts music as an arranger, and the person who adapts the text of a musical work to be an adapter.[3]


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