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Intergalactic Kitchen
Based on The Intergalactic Kitchen
by Frank Rogers
  • Lloyd Baillie
  • Linzi Campbell
  • Luke Mackle
  • Tamara Kennedy
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 13 x 20 minute episodes
Running time 20 minutes
Original network BBC One
Original release January 2004 (2004-01) – April 2004 (2004-04)

Intergalactic Kitchen is a CBBC television series, based on the novel The Intergalactic Kitchen by Frank Rogers. It ran from January to April 2004.

The show had a distinct reality to it, with the normal themes (romance, adventures).


The show is about the Bird children (Robin, Snoo and Jay), their mother and Fleur, a rival from Snoo and Jay's school. They are about to go camping, when Mrs. Bird accidentally activates a force field, and are shot off into outer space. They attempt to try to get back to earth, when a family of four aliens arrive in the Kitchen. Then everything goes wrong, when Mrs. Bird accidentally climbs into the alien's spaceship, and Mr. and Mrs. Krryptyx accidentally activate the engines, thus separating Mrs. Bird's children and Mr. and Mrs. Krryptyx's children. This has, both the kids and the adults, on a series of mad adventures.


Role Actor
Robin Bird Lloyd Balie
Snoo Bird Linzi Campbell
Jay Bird Luke Mackle
Fleur Mason Emma Ballantine
Krrk Krryptyx Joshua Manning
Kirstie Krryptyx Helen Mcalpine
Mrs. Emily Bird Tamara Kennedy
Mr. Krryptyx Mark McDonnel
Mrs. Krryptyx Julie Coombe
Cheese Mite Damian Farrell
Cheese Mite Colin Purves
Dave Stephen McCole
Pintoid Callum Cuthbertson
WGA Leader Mark Robertson


Role Name
Directors Martin Burt
Shiona McCubbin
David Cairns
Writers Frank Rodgers
Moray Hunter
Mark Robertson
Robyn Charteris
Rhiannon Tise
David Cairns
Director of Photography Scott Ward
Camera Operator Stephen Mochrie
Production Design John Gorman
Costume Design Connie Fairbairn
Makeup Design Jacqui Mallett
Art Director Adam Squires
Assistant Art Director David Turbitt
Props/Standby Paul Macnamara
Assistant Costume Hannah Goldinger
Script continuity Sarah Gill
Sound recordist David Quinn
Production manager Gillian Irvine
Executive Producer Simon Parsons
Series Producer Nigel R. Smith
Music & Sound Design Matt Wand


Episode Title Summary
1 Blast Off A family of aliens arriving on Earth for a holiday inadvertently cause the Bird family and their kitchen to blast away from their house and speed off away from our solar system. Intent on returning the kitchen and its occupants to Earth, the aliens give chase. Something goes wrong, and human and alien children are stranded together in the kitchen as it hurtles away from the spaceship and into a black hole....
2 Brain Drain The human and alien children's attempts to survive alone in space are not helped by discovering that they're allergic to each other, and by the Earth kids suspecting that the aliens want to remove the brain of Robin, the youngest and brightest kitchenaut.
3 It's a Mall World The kitchenauts drift past a Shopping Planet and Fleur sneakily indulges in some retail therapy. Everything goes pear-shaped when her credit card is refused and the shopping planet announces that it will repossess the kitchen to cover her debt.
4 Rebel Appliance The kitchen is invaded by a race of hyper-intelligent household appliances intent on making the kitchenauts into their servants.
5 Useless The kitchen passes by a Rubbish Planet which assesses many of the kitchenauts favourite objects as useless and plans to remove them for recycling - including Jay!
6 The Other Mother Mrs. Bird unexpectedly arrives in the kitchen, having miraculously crossed four hundred million light years of interstellar space. Or has she? The kitchenauts begin to suspect that their mother just might not be what she appears to be.
7 Turning Point, Part One: The Diceman Cometh Pintoid, a game playing alien, tricks the kitchenauts into playing a bizarre game of snakes, ladders and forfeits. The winner will be able to return to Earth - but the losers face an eternity of playing games on Pintoid's home planet, as well as being transformed into dice.
8 Turning Point, Part Two: The Umpire Strikes Back Pintoid returns to the kitchen to claim his forfeit, encountering unexpected resistance as the kitchenauts fight back.
  • The title is a reference to the second Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back. This is the second episode which title parodies Star Wars, the first one being "Rebel Appliance".
9 Virtual Mum Realising that the Robin is missing his mother, Krrk creates a computer simulation based on everything he's overheard the human kitchenauts say about mothers.
10 Emotion Sickness Snoo and Fleur go all out to win the affections of an unemotional Krrk, with Jay attempting to stop them!
11 Take me to your Larder An alien gourmet invades the kitchen, intent on savouring the rare delicacy of human brains. And when Snoo tries to fix everyone's brains, everyone winds up swapping bodies!
  • The title parodies the phrase "Take me to your Leader", which is commonly associated with alien films.
  • At one point, Snoo and Kirstie share Kirk's body, like what happened in the 1989 film Identity Crisis and the 1984 film All of Me.
12 Baby on Board Fleur becomes surrogate parent to an alien slime baby.
13 Space Cowboy The kitchenauts engage the services of Dave, a decidedly dodgy double glazer.


The role of Mr Krryptyx was originally filled by Gavin Mitchell, who filmed one day on set before leaving the production, whereupon Mark McDonnell was drafted in to replace him. McDonnell and Mitchell had previously worked with the show's producer on a highly successful short film, Cry For Bobo.[1] Mitchell and McDonnell had also worked together on the series "Revolver" and "Velvet Soup".

This series was filmed in the rebuilt Maryhill Studio complex in Glasgow which had been used to film many of the Comedy Unit productions before it burned down on 22 April 2001.[2] Since rebuilding, the studio has been used to house the sets for "Balamory" and other productions.

Practical special effects on the show were provided by well-known YouTuber Big Clive.[3]


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