International Association for the Cognitive Science of Religion

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International Association for the Cognitive Science of Religion
Abbreviation IACSR
Formation 2006; 11 years ago (2006)
Affiliations International Association for the History of Religions, American Academy of Religion

The International Association for the Cognitive Science of Religion (IACSR), founded in 2006, is a scholarly association dedicated to the promotion of the Cognitive Science of Religion. The IACSR is an interdisciplinary association, including scholars from a wide variety of disciplines in the human, social, natural and health sciences that are interested in the academic, scientific study of religious phenomena. The IACSR seeks to advance the naturalistic study of religion. It is strictly scientific and does not encourage or welcome those who are interested in dialogue between science and religion, attempt to find religion in science and science in religion, or attempt to validate religious or spiritual doctrines through cognitive science.[1]

The IACSR supports the Electronic Archive for Religion & Cognition at the Centre for Religion & Cognition,[2] Groningen,[3] the Journal of Cognition & Culture (Brill Publishers),[4] and two book series, Cognitive Science of Religion (AltaMira Press), and Religion, Cognition and Culture (Equinox Press).


The IACSR was founded in 2006, and the inaugural meeting took place in Aarhus University, in Denmark.

Second General Assembly: January 7, 2006, Aarhus University, Denmark.

Second General Assembly: May 30, 2008, Aarhus University, Denmark.

Third General Assembly: August 16, 2010, University of Toronto, Canada.

Other IACSR meetings:

July 29, 2009, at the Free University of Amsterdam, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.

Executive committee[edit]

Past President: Armin W. Geertz, Professor, Department of the Study of Religion, University of Aarhus

President: Joseph Bulbulia, Senior Lecturer, Religious Studies, Victoria University of Wellington

President Elect: Ann Taves, Professor, Department of Religious Studies, University of California

Secretary General: Dimitris Xygalatas, PhD, Research Fellow, Program in Hellenic Studies, Aarhus University

Treasurer: William W. McCorkle, Jr., Director and Associate Professor/Research Specialist, (LEVYNA) Laboratory for the Experimental Research of Religion and Ritual, Masaryk University

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