International Association of Amateur Heralds

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The International Association of Amateur Heralds (IAAH) is a group of heraldic enthusiasts from around the world that exists to discuss all aspects of heraldry. It was formerly known only as the Association of Amateur Heralds, or AAH. The Association exists only in cyberspace and was created to encourage the art and science of heraldry through helping people with heraldic enquiries.

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The Association's stated aim is promotion and education in the fields of the art and science of heraldry. This vision was the core driving principle of the Association's foundation. Although people and positions change, the Association continues to grow and evolve. The founding principles remain intact, as a result of contributions by volunteers from among its membership acting in various capacities. Members contribute articles on the subject of heraldry, refine the Association's articles and bylaws, and service arms design requests by members of the public. Members continue to contribute towards the roll of arms which reflects the work of the Association's heralds and heraldic artists.

IAAH patron is Cecil Humphery-Smith OBE, FSA, FHS from UK.

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