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The International Biographical Centre is a publisher owned by Melrose Press Ltd that specializes in producing biographical publications, such as the Dictionary of International Biography and other awards. It is based in Ely, Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom. Government consumer advocates have described it as a 'scam' or as 'pretty tacky'.


A typical IBC certificate

The International Biographical Centre creates "awards" and offers them widely. In the mid-2000s, awards cost the recipient between US$375 and $495 each,[1][2][3] but as of 2010 the cost can be as high as $395 for a Commemorative Medal or US$440 for a laminated certificate. It has no relationship to Cambridge University.

Like the American Biographical Institute, the IBC states that "entry into our books is based on merit alone and we never charge for inclusion."[4] Individuals who pay for inclusion receive a larger entry and are offered specially crafted awards. Further, merit selection is less rigorous with the IBC sending "invitations" to selected sources who nominate others or are nominated by a third party.[citation needed] It is also possible to nominate a person, an organization, or oneself on their website for later inclusion.[5][6]

American Biographical Institution (Inc.) gives awards like Man of The Year, Scientific Award of the Excellence to many people in a year and the person may be same at a time. Every award can be purchased from them.

In 2007, referring to the International Biographical Centre, the American Bibliographical Institute and Marquis Who's Who, Jan Margosian, consumer information coordinator for the Oregon Department of Justice, warned consumers to be wary and called the companies "pretty tacky", adding "I don't know why they would put you in there if they weren't hoping to get you to buy the book.. "You truly have to look at how they are marketing and what the spin is. It's something you might want to watch out for."[7]

The Department of Commerce of the Government of Western Australia classified the Centre's offers as a scam and said:

"The material promoting the International Biographical Centre creates a false impression about the credentials of the organisation. It also wrongly implies that the receiver of the letter has been picked through a special research process considering their work and qualifications."[8]

It quoted blog users who describe the publications as a "Who’s Who of gullible people".[8]

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