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International Childfree Day is celebrated annually on 1 August.[1][2][3][4] It was created back in 1973 in the United States[5] by the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood,[6] at the time the National Organisation for Non-Parents (N.O.N.), under the name of Non-Parents' Day.[7][8] The day is aimed at celebrating people who voluntarily choose not to have children[9][10] and to foster acceptance of the childfree choice.[11][12][13] It has also been described as "a day of celebration worldwide for those couples who have faced criticism, ridicule, and rejection because they chose to be Childless by Choice."[14]

The initiative, resurrected in 2013[6] by author Laura Carroll,[12] also bestows annual Non Parent of the Year Award, which initially consisted of a male and a female,[7][15] who would then parade down 5th Avenue in New York.[9] As of 2018, the 'male' and 'female' categories were replaced by Childfree Person of the Year (a person of any gender identification) and Childfree Group of the Year (a couple, duo, trio, or a group, whether childfree romantic partners, social media groups, forum leaders, or website founders).[16] Winners include Belgian writer Théophile de Giraud.[17][18]

On Twitter, the hashtag used is #childfreeday.


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