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International Computer Science Institute

Coordinates: 37°52′12″N 122°16′16″W / 37.870052°N 122.271235°W / 37.870052; -122.271235
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37°52′12″N 122°16′16″W / 37.870052°N 122.271235°W / 37.870052; -122.271235

International Computer Science Institute
FocusComputer science
PresidentDr. Lea Shanley

The International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) is an independent, non-profit research organization located in Berkeley, California, United States. Since its founding in 1988, ICSI has maintained an affiliation agreement with the University of California, Berkeley, where several of its members hold faculty appointments.

Research areas[edit]

ICSI's research activities include Internet architecture, network security, network routing, speech and speaker recognition, spoken and text-based natural language processing, computer vision, multimedia, privacy and biological system modeling.

Research groups and leaders[edit]

Notable members and alumni[edit]


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