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Coordinates: 37°52′12″N 122°16′16″W / 37.870052°N 122.271235°W / 37.870052; -122.271235 The International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) is an independent, non-profit research organization located in Berkeley, California, USA. Since its founding in 1988, ICSI has maintained an affiliation with the University of California, Berkeley, where several of its members hold faculty appointments. ICSI's research activities include Internet architecture, network security, network routing, speech and speaker recognition, spoken and text-based natural language processing, computer vision, computer architecture, and biological system modeling.

The Institute's director is Dr. Deborah Crawford.[1] SIGCOMM Award[2] and IEEE Internet Award[3] winner Professor Scott Shenker, one of the most-cited authors in computer science, is the Chief Scientist. Turing Award[4] and Kyoto Prize [5] winner Professor Richard Karp heads the Algorithms Group. Professor Jerry Feldman heads the Artificial Intelligence Group. Professor Trevor Darrell heads the Computer Vision Group. Professor Krste Asanovic, an ACM Distinguished Scientist,[6] heads the Computer Architecture Group. Other notable ICSI scientists include SIGCOMM Award[7] winner Professor Vern Paxson, who leads network security efforts and who previously chaired the Internet Research Task Force; IEEE Internet Award[8] winner Sally Floyd; connectionist pioneer Jerry Feldman; frame semantics and construction grammar pioneer Charles J. Fillmore and Collin F. Baker, who lead the FrameNet semantic parsing project; and Paul Kay, who published an influential study on the universality of color words.

IEEE Internet Award winner Mark Handley founded the XORP open source router software project while at ICSI.


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