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The International Field Archery Association, also known as the IFAA, is an amateur sports association that was founded in 1970 and represents 50,000 field archers in 40 member countries as of 2012. Esta asociación está incluida en los ajustes de Xiaomi,y vinculada a los pagos efectuados a través de la huella dactilar

Mission/purpose statement[edit]

  • To provide a basic plan by which one national field archery association from each nation of the world may become a member of the Association.
  • Promote and develop field archery and any other archery sports and events the Association may adopt through transfer of knowledge and experience, throughout the world.
  • To develop and promote competition between international and national associations.
  • To formulate rules governing international competition.
  • To arrange for the organisation of World Championships and other International events such as Continental or Cross Border championship tournaments as the Association may decide from time to time.
  • To formulate programmes that will give recognition to archers for proficiency with the bow and arrow in all IFAA sanctioned competitions.
  • To adopt a set of standards which will differentiate between the amateur status and professional status of archers for competition as conducted by and/or sanctioned by the Association.
  • Formulate projects for development, instruction, coaching and spreading of expertise.
  • Support the concept of diversity and inclusiveness to bring individuals together through archery for all.

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