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International Theological Institute
MottoSicut Cervus ad Fontes
AffiliationRoman Catholic
PresidentDr. Christiaan Alting von Geusau
Grand ChancellorChristoph Cardinal Schönborn
Academic staff
Dr. Dagny Kjaergaard
Dr. Bernhard Dolna
Dr. Michaela Hastetter
Dr. Thomas Möllenbeck
Fr. Josef Spindelböck
Dr. Gintautas Vaitoska
Dr. Michael Wladika
and more
Schloss Trumau

The International Theological Institute (ITI) is a Catholic theological school in Austria. The institute was founded in 1996 at the request of Pope John Paul II.[1] It was then located in the Kartause Gaming and moved in 2009 to Schloss Trumau near Vienna.[1] Its motto is 'Sicut cervus ad fontes'. The ITI's patrons are St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Zdislava of Lemberk.

The ITI's mission, as established by Pope John Paul II, unites in a special manner the Eastern and Western traditions of the Church. The Mass/Divine Liturgy is celebrated daily in both the Roman and Byzantine rites respectively. From its inception the ITI has also given special attention to marriage and family. The Institute employs the Great Books method in its pedagogy in preference to lecture-based instruction in the encyclopedist tradition. The ITI is committed to the primacy of Thomas Aquinas in Philosophy and Theology, it gives a special weighting to the Greek Fathers.

The student body tends to number around 70 students from all five continents.


The Institute's common language is English.[2] Students taking canonical degrees are also instructed in or possess proficiency in Latin and Greek.


In addition to the canonical degrees of STD, STL, and STM, the ITI offers a dedicated Masters programme in Marriage and the Family (MMF), and a one year, credit-only Studium Generale programme.

Presidents of the ITI[edit]

  1. Dr. Michael Waldstein
  2. Msgr. Larry Hogan
  3. Dr. Christiaan Alting von Geusau


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