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The Internet Computer Chess Tournament (abbreviated CCT) has been held annually since 2000 on the Internet Chess Club. Unlike other computer chess competitions, there are no travel requirements so there is usually broad participation. The main requirements are that you are a primary author of the entered program and your program can connect and play on the chess server so that the tournament can be fully automated. Tournament format is a Swiss system varying between seven and nine rounds. Time controls used since CCT7 have been 50 minutes with a 3 second increment. The tournament is structured to be completed within a single weekend. The CCT12 (2010) was held on FICS.[1]


Event # Year Winner
1 2000 Crafty
2 2000 Shredder
3 2001 Fritz, Ferret
4 2002 Junior
5 2003 Ruffian
6 2004 Crafty
7 2005 Zappa
8 2006 Rybka
9 2007 Rybka
10 2008 Rybka, Naum
11 2009 Rybka
12 2010 Sjeng
13 2011 Sjeng
14 2012 Chiron
15 2013 KomodoX


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