Interrupting Chicken

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Interrupting Chicken
AuthorDavid Ezra Stein
Genrepicture book
PublisherCandlewick Press

Interrupting Chicken is a 2010 children's picture book written and illustrated by David Ezra Stein and published by Candlewick Press. Interrupting Chicken was awarded the 2011 Caldecott Honourable Mention and a New York Times Bestseller.


Little red chicken is portrayed to be quite young, very enthusiastic and energetic considering this book is based at night. She is very involved with the stories and wants what is best for the characters. She is unable to rest while being read to but does seem to appreciate her father.

Papa is little red chickens father who proves to be very patient and forgiving. He seems to be quite tired throughout the story and wishes little red chicken would go to bed so he could get some rest also.


David Ezra Stein was born in Brooklyn, New York.[1] When designing the chickens for Interrupting Chicken, Stein said he did “a hundred different drawings of the chicken” before he decided which one he liked the most.[2] His books have been translated in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French and Finnish.[1] He attended the School of Design in Manhattan.[1] Stein’s idea behind Interrupting Chicken came from a childhood knock knock joke that he enjoyed.[2]


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