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Interstate 685 marker

Interstate 685
Route information
Maintained by ALDOT
Major junctions
West end: I‑65
  US 80
East end: Future plate blue.svgNo image wide.svg
I‑85 / US 80
Counties: Montgomery
Highway system
SR 604 I‑759

Interstate 685 (I-685), is the designation for a future Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Alabama. When completed, it will connect I-65 in downtown Montgomery to I-85 in the eastern suburbs of Montgomery. The routing is currently signed as I-85.

Route description[edit]

Currently, I-685 has been approved by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) to be co-signed with the current I-85 from its current southern terminus at I-65, to the future location of the Montgomery South Bypass on which I-85 will be rerouted.[1]


The designation was approved in 2010 at the request of the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) to use existing I-85.[1] Construction on the Montgomery Outer Loop started in early 2011, and the first part of it was completed in February 2016.[citation needed] When done, the I-85 designation will be shifted to the Outer Loop, and the existing freeway will become just I-685. This will be the first auxiliary interstate of Interstate 85 that starts with a six.[2]

Exit list[edit]

The entire route is in Montgomery, Montgomery County.

All exits are opened as I-85, but are not signed as I-685

mi km Exit Destinations Notes
-- Day Street Southbound exit and northbound entrance; Future Western Terminus of I-685
0 I‑65 / US 82 – Mobile, Birmingham I-65 exit 171; southbound exit and northbound entrance; and signed as exits 0A (south/east) & 0B (north/west); eastbound to 65 north signed as exit 0.
1 Court Street, Union Street Eastbound Court Street, westbound Union Street
2 Forest Avenue, Mulberry Street Eastbound Forest Avenue, westbound Mulberry Street
3 Ann Street
4 Perry Hill Road
6 US 80 west / US 231 / SR 21 (East Boulevard, SR-8/SR-9/SR-53) Begin U.S. 80 concurrency
9 SR 271 (Taylor Road) to US 231 (SR-53)
11 SR 126 (SR-8) / SR 110 – Mitylene, Mount Meigs
14.44 23.24 14 I‑85 (Montgomery South Bypass, SR-685) / SR 108 Future exit number
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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