Into the Straight

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Into the Straight
Directed by T. O. McCreadie
Produced by T. O. McCreadie
Alec McCreadie (executive)
Written by Zelma Roberts
Starring Charles Tingwell
Muriel Steinbeck
Music by Wilbur Sampson
Cinematography Harry Malcolm
Edited by Alex Ezard
Jack Gardiner
Embassy Pictures
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date
15 July 1949
Running time
82 minutes
Country Australia
Language English

Into the Straight is a 1949 Australian horse racing melodrama directed by T. O. McCreadie.


The Curzons, an Australian horse racing family, are visited by an English horse trainer, Hugh Duncan, and his playboy son, Paul. Both men fall for June Curzon. However, after she is crippled in an accident Paul loses interest, and she realises she loves Hugh.

With Hugh's encouragement, June writes a piano concerto and learns to walk again. Her brother, the weak Sam Curzon, steals money from his father to pay gambling debts and allows Paul to take the blame. However, a horse secretly trained by Paul wins the Melbourne Cup.



Shooting began in June 1948, on location in Scone, New South Wales, and at the studio of Commonwealth Film Laboratories in Sydney.[1] The Victoria Racing Club allowed a re-creation of the Melbourne Cup to be shot at Flemington Racecourse[2] and scenes were also filmed at Randwick Racecourse.[3] Several jockeys made cameos in the film, including Jack Purtell and George Moore.[4]

The film featured a piano concerto which took up several minutes of screen time.


The film was well received in Perth but only had a short run in Sydney and Melbourne.[5]


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