Invasion of Canada

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The Invasion of Canada may refer to several events in history.

  • A small group of American rebels from the Hunters' Lodges invaded Canada in the Patriot War (1837–1838) and the Battle of the Windmill in 1838
  • The Fenian raids, based in the United States, also targeted Canada between 1866 and 1871
  • The United States developed an invasion plan known as War Plan Red in the mid-1920s. The plan was a contingency for the unlikely event of war with the United Kingdom. It was officially withdrawn in 1939.
  • The Invasion of Canada is also a 1980 book by Pierre Berton about the War of 1812
  • In 2016 approximately 1500 United States citizens accidentally crossed the international border on rafts and landed on the Canadian shoreline during the annual Port Huron Float Down event. News agencies referred to the incident as an "Invasion".


Invasions of Canada are sometimes depicted in fiction such as:

  • Canadian Bacon, a 1995 comedy film which satirizes Canada–United States relations along the Canada–United States border written, directed and produced by Michael Moore