Invités Surprises

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Invités Surprises
Invités Surprises.jpg
Directed by Mike Yoboué
Produced by Rocco & Xavier
Written by Mike Yoboué
Starring Michel Gohou
Michel Bohiri
Nastou Traoré
Abass IBN
Marie-Laure Zouzouo
Music by Charles N'Doumi
Release date
2008 (CIV), (West Africa), (FR), (UK)
Country Côte d'Ivoire
Language French

Invités Surprises (English: Guests surprised) is a comic film of Côte d'Ivoire issued in 2008, directed by Mike Yoboué.


Mr. and Mrs. Kalou organize the birthday of their daughter, imagined as a small ceremony with five guests. The five guests envisaged become twenty, Gohou (the president of the young people of the district), Abass and another friends will sow the discord.

All the scenes of film are held in the house of the Kalou couple.


  • Realization: Mike Yoboué
  • Scenario: Mike Yoboué
  • Producer: Rocco & Xavier
  • Music: Charles N'Doumi
  • photograph: Brahima D
  • Camera: Timi serges
  • Script: Yatish
  • Manager: Habib Baye