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Private Corporation
FounderGerard Tiraby
HeadquartersSan Diego, CA, USA
ProductsInnate immunity, Cell Culture, Cloning, Gene Expression, ORF, RNA Interference, Immunoglobulin

Invivogen is a manufacturer of life science research products. It is based in San Diego, California and conducts business worldwide.
InvivoGen is a provider of Toll-like receptor related products (mainly ligands and engineered mammalian cell lines), selection antibiotics and mycoplasma detection & elimination products. To date, about 6500 academic papers cite InvivoGen's products.
Invivogen also provides a collection of more 1000 open reading frame of human and rodent origins.


Invivogen was founded in 1997. The company is known for its mycoplasma detection and removal agents and its toll-like receptor product line. Although its first products focused on gene therapy, the company now produces tools for innate immunity research, immunology research, cancer research, RNA interference, cell culture, cloning and gene expression.

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