Ioasaf Tikhomirov

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Ioasaf Tikhomirov
Born 1872
Died 1908
Occupation Actor and Teacher
Years active 1898-1908

Ioasaf Aleksandrovich Tikhomirov (1872-1908) was a Russian actor.[1] He trained under Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko, who offered "rigorous and intelligent" courses in actor training at the school of the Moscow Philharmonic Society.[2] Tikhomirov was one of twelve students that Nemirovich brought with him to join the Moscow Art Theatre when he founded it with Constantin Stanislavski in 1898.[3] He acted with the company until 1904 and also served as the director of the Art Theatre School.[4] In 1904 Stanislavski sent Tikhomirov to help Maxim Gorky to establish his newly founded theatre in Nizhny Novgorod, but the project was abandoned when the Russian censor banned every play that they proposed to stage.[5]


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