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Ion is a masculine given name. The name form in English corresponds to two different and unrelated names from different original languages.

The first name is the Greek,Ἴων, Iōn, after the mythical founder of the Ionians; the modern (demotic) Greek equivalent of the name is Ionas. The source of this is the Hebrew Yavan, alternatively transliterated as ι-o-ν (Yut Vav/digamma Nun), with each letter corresponding to its appropriate counterpart.

The second name is the Romanian Ion which is equivalent to the English name John and has the same etymology as "Jon", tracing back the Hebrew name Johanan; Ion can also be a surname in Romanian. Another variant is Ioan, the Romanian name for John the Baptist (Ioan Botezătorul). Common diminutives are Ionel and Ionuț. Its female form is Ioana. The surname Ionescu derives from Ion.

Ion as a given name[edit]

  • Ion of Chios (c. 490/480–c. 420 BC), Greek writer, dramatist, lyric poet and philosopher
  • Ion, a professional rhapsode of the platonic dialogue of the same name
  • Ion Dragoumis (1878–1920), Greek diplomat, philosopher, writer and revolutionary
  • Ion Perdicaris (1840–1925), Greek-American playboy who was the centre of a notable kidnapping known as the Perdicaris incident
  • Ion Agârbiceanu (1882–1963), Romanian writer and priest
  • Ion Andreescu (1850–1882), Romanian painter
  • Ion Antonescu (1882–1946), Romanian soldier, authoritarian politician and convicted war criminal
  • Ion Barbu (disambiguation)
  • Ion C. Brătianu (1821–1891), Romanian statesman
  • Ion I. C. Brătianu (1864–1927), Romanian politician, five-term Prime Minister of Romania, son of Ion C. Brătianu
  • Ion Călugăru (1902–1956), Romanian novelist, short story writer, journalist and critic
  • Ion Luca Caragiale (1852–1912), Wallachian-born Romanian playwright, short story writer, poet, theater manager, political commentator and journalist
  • Ion Caramitru (born 1942), Romanian actor, stage director and politician
  • Ion Creangă (1837 or 1839–1889), Moldavian, later Romanian writer, raconteur and schoolteacher
  • Ion Dolănescu (1944–2009), Romanian singer and politician
  • Ion Dragalina (1860–1916), Romanian First World War general
  • Ion Druță (born 1928), Moldovan writer
  • Ion G. Duca (1879–1933), assassinated Prime Minister of Romania
  • Ion Farris (1878–1934), American politician and attorney
  • Ion Emanuel Florescu (1819–1893), Romanian general, twice briefly Prime Minister of Romania
  • Ion Ghica (1816–1897), Romanian revolutionary, mathematician, diplomat and politician, five-time Prime Minister of Romania
  • Ion Gigurtu (1886–1959), Romanian politician, officer, engineer and industrialist, briefly Prime Minister of Romania
  • Ion Hamilton, 1st Baron HolmPatrick (1839–1898), Anglo-Irish Member of Parliament
  • Ion Llewellyn Idriess (1890–1979), a prolific and influential Australian author
  • Ion Iliescu (born 1930), twice President of Romania
  • Ion Inculeț (1884-1940), Bessarabian politician and President of the Moldavian Democratic Republic
  • Ion Ionescu de la Brad (1818–16, 1891), born Ion Isăcescu, Moldavian, later Romanian revolutionary, agronomist, statistician, scholar and writer
  • Ion Ionuţ Luţu (born 1975), Romanian retired footballer
  • I. C. Massim (1825–1877), linguist and a founding member of the Romanian Academy
  • Ion Gheorghe Maurer (1902–2000), Romanian communist politician and lawyer
  • Ion Mihalache (1882–1963), Romanian agrarian politician
  • Ion Mincu (1852–1912), Romanian architect, engineer, professor and politician
  • Ion Minulescu (1881–1944), Romanian avant-garde poet, writer, journalist, literary critic and playwright
  • Ion Miu (born 1955), Romanian musician
  • Ion Moța (1902—1937), Romanian nationalist, deputy leader of the Iron Guard
  • Ion Negoițescu (1921–1993), Romanian literary historian, critic, poet, novelist and memoirist
  • Ion Nistor (1876–1962), Romanian historian and politician
  • Ion Ion (footballer) (born 1954), Romanian former footballer
  • Ion Mihai Pacepa (born 1928), Romanian security police three-star general who defected to the United States
  • Ion Heliade Rădulescu (1802–1872), Wallachian, later Romanian academic, Romantic and Classicist poet, writer, newspaper editor and politician
  • Ion A. Rădulescu-Pogoneanu (1870–1945), Romanian pedagogue
  • I. M. Rașcu (1890–1971), Romanian poet, cultural promoter, comparatist and schoolteacher
  • Ion Roată (1806–1882), Moldavian, later Romanian peasant and politician
  • Ion Sân-Giorgiu (1893–1950), Romanian poet, dramatist, essayist, literary and art critic, journalist, academic and politician
  • Ion Dezideriu Sîrbu (1919–1989), Romanian philosopher, novelist, essayist and dramatist
  • Ion Șiugariu (1914–1945), Romanian poet
  • Ion Tănăsescu (chemist) (1892–1959)
  • Ion Tănăsescu (surgeon) (1875–1954)
  • Ion Testemițanu (born 1974), Moldovan former footballer and current assistant manager of the Moldovan national football team
  • Ion Ţiriac (born 1939), Romanian businessman and former tennis player
  • Ion Țuculescu (1910–1962), Romanian painter
  • Ion Voinescu (1929–2018), Romanian football goalkeeper

Ion as a surname[edit]

  • Barry Ion (born 1941), Australian rules footballer and radio personality
  • Corneliu Ion (born 1951), Romanian sports shooter and 1980 Olympic champion
  • Ion Ion (footballer) (born 1954), Romanian former footballer
  • Patrick Ion (born 1942,) American mathematician
  • Sue Ion (born 1955,)British engineer, advisor on the nuclear power industry

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