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Virus classification
Group: Group II (ssDNA)
Family: Anelloviridae
Genus: Iotatorquevirus

Torque Teno Sus Virus

Iotatorquevirus is a recently discovered genus in the new family of Anelloviridae, in group II in the Baltimore classification. It encompasses the two type species of the Torque Teno Sus Virus 1 and 2.


The virons are small and non enveloped.

The viruses are usually acquired soon after birth and may invade virtually any tissue in the body.[1]

They are widespread in the pig population[2][3]


The genome is a circular single stranded DNA molecule of negative polarity.


Postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome has been causally associated with porcine circovirus type 2.[4] The Iotatorquevirus have also been linked with this syndrome but a causative role—if one exists—has yet to be established.[5]


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