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The Ipswich Poetry Feast is a prestigious annual literary event begun in 2003. Sponsored by the Ipswich City Council,[1] the competition aims to encourage the writing of poetry and raise community awareness of this literary art through an annual international showcase event highlighting the vibrant and rich cultural diversity of the region.

The competition, now in its fifth year, has since gained international status. Prizes include: Open (adult) Age and School Age categories, Chairperson's Encouragement Awards, Ipswich Theme Awards and a Mentorship Award..


In the past century, Ipswich has been home to several celebrated poets and artists[who?]. This tradition is celebrated with the Ipswich Poetry Feast. Incorporated in the feast is an international poetry writing competition and a vibrant program of poetry related activities aimed at all residents of the region.

The festivities include the Official Launch, Poetry Writing Workshops, the International Poetry Competition, and Poetry Performance showcase. The Ipswich Poetry Feast also provides assistance to events like the Queensland Poetry Festival's Australian Slam Poetry Competition by holding a Workshop and Slam Heat annually.