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Irén Barbér born Irén Talabér (Slovene: Irena Barber February 9, 1939 – May 1, 2006) was a Slovene author, journalist and notary in Hungary.

Born in Permise (Kétvölgy), her parents was Ferenc Talabér and Teréz Merkli. She studied in Győr and Szombathely, and worked in Felsőszölnök and Alsószölnök as a notary. In 1957 she formed an amateur theatrical company and wrote primarily comedies in prekmurian slovene (Raba March dialect). Her first of several works was the Živlenje je kratko (The live is short), and Trnova paut (Spiny road).

She died in Szombathely, in the Markusovszky Hospital.

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