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The Iran Eurasia Research Institute, also known as the Institute of Iran Eurasian Research Institute (Iras), is an independent, private, non-partisan, non-governmental organization in Iran, Tehran and with an overseas office in Moscow, Russia that aims to study Central Asia, the Caucuses, Russia, and Iran's Eastern neighbors. The chairman of the Institute is Mehdi Sanaei, Current Iranian Ambassador to the Russian Federation and an associate professor at the Dept. of Russian Studies, University of Tehran. Whilst he is away on Diplomatic Mission, the Deputy of the institute, Mandana Tisheyar (PhD. JNU) heads the institute. Iras regularly offers its updates and analysis and Policy Briefs on the region on its website or through its academic Journals or Monographs it regularly publishes. the Institutes Website publishes articles in Persian/English/Russian, first of its kind in Iran. the Institute has two main structures:

  • The Cultural/Scientific Committee, consisted of well-known academics in the field and former or current diplomats on mission in the studied regions whom help to guide the institute in the right path, the members of this committee are policy makers of Iras.
  • The Authors Council, consisted of Younger political analysts working as junior researchers and contributing to the Institutes Research Agendas.

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