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Iraq the Model is a currently-dormant weblog whose last post was made on October 5, 2011. It was allegedly set up by brothers Omar and Muhammed Fadhil which details accounts of Iraq war from Baghdad. The blog was often cited by conservative commentators as a source for the good news in Iraq that the American media is not reporting. Kagan op-ed in Washington Post, AIM article citing Iraq the Model This is in contrast to other Iraqi-written blogs such as Baghdad Burning, which show far less pleasant or optimistic scenes from post-invasion Iraq.

According to a New York Times article, people posting comments on Martini Republic accused Iraq the Model of being run covertly by the Central Intelligence Agency. The author of the New York Times article investigated these claims, but found no evidence that the blog was being run by anyone other than the Fadhil brothers.[1]

Iraq the Model is written by Omar and Mohammed Fadhil. Ali Fadhil also previously blogged there.

The blog rose into prominence when US President George W. Bush cited the blog in a speech defending the Iraq War.[2]


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