Iron Lung (band)

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Iron Lung
Background information
Origin Reno, Nevada
Genres Powerviolence, hardcore punk, grindcore
Years active 1999–Present
Labels Prank, 625 Thrashcore, Six Weeks, No Idea
Associated acts Walls, Pig Heart Transplant, Society Nurse, Gob, Gehenna, Crucial Attack, Artimus Pyle, Vae Victis
Members Jensen Ward
Jon Kortland

Iron Lung are a two piece powerviolence act from Seattle, Washington heavily influenced by hardcore punk and grindcore.[1] The band formed in 1999 in Reno and is currently in Seattle after spending some time in Oakland. Live, the band has toured extensively across the U.S., Asia, Australia and Europe. They have released music on several labels including Prank Records, 625 Thrashcore, and their own label, Iron Lung Records. In recent years the band has collaborated with other members of the hardcore punk and powerviolence scene, including Hatred Surge and Dave Bailey, formerly of Running for Cover. In 2009, an album titled Public Humiliation was released; a three-way collaboration between Iron Lung and Kortland and Ward's side projects, Pig Heart Transplant and Walls respectively. The recording is of a one-off live performance from Halloween of 2008. Jon Kortland is also half of the art project Feeding, which has made artwork for several Iron Lung, Walls and PHT releases, as well as album covers for several other bands.



  • Split 7" w/ Teen Cthulu
  • Split 7" w/ Brainoil
  • Split LP/CD w/ Lana Dagales
  • Split 7" w/ BG
  • Split 5" w/ Quattro Stagioni
  • Split 7" w/ Scurvy Bastards
  • Split LP/CD w/ Shank
  • Split 7" w/ Lords of Light
  • Split 7" w/ Agents of Abhorrence
  • Split LP w/ Withdrawal Method (unreleased, test pressings only)
  • Split 7" w/ The Process
  • Split LP w/ The Endless Blockade
  • Split 2x7" w/ Hatred Surge, Mind Eraser and Scapegoat – Brutal Supremacy (Painkiller Records)


  • Demonstrations in Pressure and Volume 7"
  • "Cancer" b/w "Life of Pain" (Black Flag cover)
  • Saboteur 7"
  • Savagery 7"

Full lengths[edit]

  • Life. Iron Lung. Death.
  • Sexless//No Sex
  • Live at Supersonic 2009
  • White Glove Test

Demos and tapes[edit]

  • 10 Song 2000 demo
  • Iron Lung Comedy Hour Live
  • Enterruption Hermetic Archival Series 1
  • Cold Storage I cassette/CD
  • Cold Storage II cassette


  • Iron Lung/Hatred Surge – Broken: A Collaboration 7"
  • Walls/Pig Heart Transplant/Iron Lung – Public Humiliation LP
  • Dead Language – Dead Language LP


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