Irsai Olivér

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Irsai Olivér
Grape (Vitis)
Irsai Oliver from Moldova.JPG
Irsai Olivér in a Moldovan vineyard.
Color of berry skinBlanc
SpeciesVitis vinifera
Original pedigreePozsonyi × Perle von Csaba
BreederPál Kocsis
Year of crossing1930

Irsai Olivér is a Hungarian white table-wine variety, cross-bred between Pozsonyi and Pearl of Csaba in 1930. It ripens early and has a distinctive Muscat character.

Description and spread[edit]

This relatively recent Hungarian cross has rare leafage, big, loose clusters of grapes, and resistance to many vine diseases. The grapes ripen in August.

As a table wine it can be compared to Pinot Grigio, but gives more fragrance, similar to Muscat. The wine has a light, green-yellow color, a fragrance also associated with tropical fruits and lemon, and a low acidity level. Irsai Olivér alone is best drunk young, but it is often improved by blending with a more structured variety.

Irsai is mostly planted in Hungary, although it appears also in Moldova, Slovakia and Russia. The wine is popular in Central Europe, as it is easy-going and a true chilled summer wine. It goes well with less spicy Hungarian dishes, but it is more often drunk between meals[1] and often with soda water (as fröccs i. e. Spritzer).[2]


Irsai Olivér has been known also under the synonyms Aranyló, Aranyló Korai, Irchai Oliver, Irsai, Irsai Olivér Muskotály, Irshai Oliver, Korai Aranyló, Muscat Oliver, Muskat Irsai Oliver, Muskat Oliver, Olivér Irsai, Oliver Irsay, Zoeloetistii Rannii, Zolotisti Ranij, Zolotistyi Rannii, Zolotistyi Ranniy, Zolotistyj Rannij, and Zolotisztuej Rannij.[3]


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