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Irwin Rovner (born 1941) is an American archaeologist who initiated the study and use of phytoliths in archaeology(1). He is retired from the faculty of North Carolina State University. He is CEO of Binary Analytical Consultants provided expert vision and computer-assisted morphometric analysis of micro- and macro- remains and artifacts in support of archaeological investigations..

Selected works[edit]

  • 1971 "Potential of Opal Phytoliths for Use in Paleoecological Reconstruction,"

Quaternary Research 1: 343-359.

  • 1983 "Plant Opal Phytolith Analysis: Major Advances in Archaeobotanical Research," pp. 225–266 in: Schiffer, Michael (ed.) Advances in Archaeological Method and Theory (6) Academic Press, New York.
  • John C. Russ and Irwin Rovner 1989 "Stereological Identification of Opal Phytolith Populations from Wild and Cultivated Zea," American Antiquity 54 (4): 784-792.