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This is a bibliography of books by Isaac Asimov organized by series chronologically and by series timeline (i.e. prequels first).

See also Isaac Asimov bibliography (chronological), Isaac Asimov bibliography (alphabetical), and Isaac Asimov short stories bibliography.

Science fiction[edit]

Robot series[edit]

Also see Robot series List of books for short stories about robots by Asimov.

The Robot novels

The Caliban trilogy (Not written by Asimov but in the same series)

Galactic Empire series[edit]

Foundation series[edit]

Also see Foundation series List of books for short stories also in the Foundation universe by Asimov.

  1. Prelude to Foundation (1988)
  2. Forward the Foundation (1991)
Foundation Trilogy
  1. Foundation (1951)
  2. Foundation and Empire (1952)
  3. Second Foundation (1953)
  1. Foundation's Edge (1982)
  2. Foundation and Earth (1986)

The Second Foundation Trilogy (Not written by Asimov)[edit]

  1. Foundation's Fear (1997) by Gregory Benford
  2. Foundation and Chaos (1998) by Greg Bear
  3. Foundation's Triumph (1999) by David Brin

Lucky Starr series (using pseudonym Paul French)[edit]

  1. David Starr, Space Ranger (1952)
  2. Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids (1954)
  3. Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus (1954)
  4. Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury (1956)
  5. Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter (1957)
  6. Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn (1958)