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Isaac Bell is the main character in a series of Clive Cussler branded books. The lean, blonde haired man is the chief investigator (for most of the novels and chapters) for the VanDorn Detective agency, based loosely on the US Pinkertons. The Van Dorn detective agency is headed up by Joseph (Joe) VanDorn, an Irishman most recently from Chicago.

Isaac Bell is the son of Ebenezer Bell and grandson of Isaiah Bell, two fictional prominent Boston bankers. He gets married to then filmmaker Marion Morgan in The Thief. Bell had met and become romantically involved with Ms. Morgan in the very first novel in the seriesThe Chase.

The Bell novels are usually set in the early twentieth century, and involve many of the technologies slightly ahead of the time the novels are set in, including telegraph, early flying machines and cars, dreadnought battleships, trains, radio, and early submarines.

Isaac was just ten minutes late (in the timeline of the novels) to apprehend a fleeing Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.


In chronological order of events[edit]

The Striker, though written later actually takes place the earliest. It is set in 1902.

  1. [1902] The Striker (Sites say this is first in story development)
  2. [1905] The Assassin
  3. [1906] The Chase
  4. [1906] The Gangster
  5. [1907] The Wrecker
  6. [1908] The Spy
  7. [1910] The Thief
  8. [1910] The Race
  9. [1911] The Cutthroat
  10. [1920] The Bootlegger