Isaac Rochussen

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Isaac Rochussen
Isaac Rochussen.gif
Born 1631
Vlissingen, Netherlands
Died 1710
Piratical career
Type Corsair
Allegiance Netherlands
Years active 1650s-1670s
Rank Captain
Base of operations Vlissingen
Commands De Eendracht
Battles/wars Second Anglo-Dutch War
Third Anglo-Dutch War
Capture of The Falcon (1672)
Later work Privateer

Isaac Rochussen or Isaac Rockesen (1631–1710) was a 17th-century Dutch corsair and privateer during the Second and Third Anglo-Dutch War. His capture of the The Falcon, a merchantman belonging to the East India Company, was one of the most valued ships captured during the late 17th century.


Isaac Rochussen was born in the city of Vlissingen, although little of his life is recorded. An active corsair during the Second and Third Anglo-Dutch War, he captured the English East India merchantman The Falcon near the Isles of Scilly on July 7, 1672.[1] The prize was sold at as 350,000 gilders, the highest paid for the time when an average ship and cargo went for only a few thousand or, at best, tens of thousands of gilders. The Falcon was thereafter referred to by the Dutch as De Gouden Valk (or The Golden Falcon). Rochussen himself received a gold medal from the ships´ owner for this capture. He later became a successful privateer in his later years, a trade followed by his son Isaac Rochussen, Jr., before his death in 1710.[2]


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