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Isabel Wolff is a British novelist in the Chick Lit genre.[1] She was born in Warwickshire, United Kingdom.[2] She graduated from Cambridge University with a Bachelor of Science in English.[2][3] She currently lives in Islington, London and has a home on the Roseland Peninsula.[4] Aside from being a novelist, Wolff has worked as a radio producer and reporter for the BBC World Service.[2][3]


Wolff's first novel, The Trials of Tiffany Trott, was born in 1997 when the London Daily Telegraph asked her to write a comic column. Trott's persona is as British working-girl. HarperCollins commissioned Wolff to turn the column into a book.[2]

Her 2009 book, A Vintage Affair, was an 'Best of the Year' title that year.[5] The same book was also on the short list for the 2011 American Library Association's The Reading List for Women Fiction.[6] A Vintage Affair is also her first novel that reached a wider readership, including being published for the United States book market.[7]

Kirkus Reviews wrote that in The Very Picture of You (2011), Wolff handled multiple plotlines, balancing the stories of "betrayal, deception and remorse" told in the novel in a skillful manner.[8]

Wolff's novel, Ghostwritten (2014), deals with the largely unknown issue of civilians from South East Asia, many of them women and children, who were sent to live in concentration camps run by the Japanese during World War II.[9] The story is very much about "childhood traumas," such as losing a sibling.[10]



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