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Isabelle Borg (London 7 September 1959 - Malta 23 September 2010) was a British-Maltese artist. Her work has appeared in several exhibitions in Malta and internationally.


Isabelle Borg was born in London in 1959 to a Maltese father and Italian mother.[1] She studied painting at the Camberwell School of Art, London, graduating BA (Hons) in 1986. She obtained an MA (History of Art) in 1994 and taught art at the University of Malta.[2] She spent periods of her life in Berlin and West Cork, Ireland.[3] She set up the Moviment Mara Maltija (Maltese Women's Movement) in the late 1980s.[4]


Borg died in Malta in 2010, having suffered from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.[5] She spent the final years of her life working from her studio in Floriana.[4] During the final months of her life she was active in protesting against Malta's planning authorities, arguing that construction works taking place next door to her residence were having a negative impact on her quality of life, further exacerbating her illness and confining her to her bedroom, as well as negatively impacting the cultural heritage of the area.[6]


Isabelle Borg regularly exhibited her work both in Malta and internationally, in Ireland, England and Germany, amongst others.[7] Her work was exhibited at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Malta.[1] She participated in various group exhibitions and had her research published.[8] A retrospective of her work was held in Malta in June 2017.[9] Her subjects included landscapes, abstracts and portraits.[1][3]


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