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Isabelle Carbonell is an American documentary photographer and filmmaker based out of Washington D.C. She is trilingual in English, French, and Spanish.[citation needed] She graduated from the Residential College at the University of Michigan with degrees in Environmental and Social Science, Photography and Filmmaking.[citation needed] Her documentary work has taken her to countries such as Cuba, Mexico, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Dominican Republic, India, Qatar, Uruguay, and Argentina.

Carbonell has participated in numerous photo exhibitions and film festivals such as the DC Film Festival,[1] Athens International Film and Video Festival,[2] and Gasparilla Film Festival,[3] and has been featured in a Michigan Difference PSA.[4] She is noted for her work with NGO Crossing Borders in Vietnam,[5] and has been discussed in numerous press articles including the New York Times,[6] the Michigan Daily,[7][8][9] and the University of Michigan LSA Magazine,[10] as well as being featured in a Local Point television interview.[11]

Her work has been published in several places including Skipping Stones Magazine,[12],[13] Convergence Journal,[14] and the Oleander Review;[15] she received special and honorable mentions in the World Health Organization's photo competition[16] and the Islands 19th Annual Photo Contest.[17]


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