Isai Scheinberg

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Isai Scheinberg
Born 1946/47
Residence Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Israeli-Canadian
Occupation Co-founder and former co-owner, PokerStars
Children Mark Scheinberg

Isai Scheinberg (Hebrew: ישי שיינברג‎‎; born 1946 or 1947) is the Israeli-Canadian[1] founder of the Pokerstars online poker site. Scheinberg previously had been a senior programmer for IBM Canada.[2]

In about 1986, Scheinberg left Israel, and moved to Toronto. They settled there in Richmond Hill, where in 2011 he still owned the house he had bought in 1988.[1]

In 2011, Scheinberg was indicted on five criminal charges related to Pokerstars under United States federal laws.[3]

Scheinberg sold his stake in Pokerstars to Amaya Gaming in 2014.[4]

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