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Ishi Press is a supplier of Go books and equipment in the 1990s, and publishes Go World magazine.[dubious ] The company's name and logo come from the Japanese word for "Stone" (石).

History and development[edit]

Ishi Press was founded in Japan in 1968 by Richard Bozulich. After publishing some English translations of Japanese Go books, the company began publishing original English works on Go, including a popular seven-volume set for beginning and intermediate players, titled The Elementary Go Series. Many of these books were written by Bozulich or James Davies in collaboration with Japanese professional Go players.

In 1986, Ishi Press expanded to an office in Mountain View, California under James Connelley.[1][2] In the 1990s, it became embroiled in legal difficulties and became unable to pay its debts. Sam Sloan became president in 1994[3] and has attempted to restore the company's standing as a publisher and expand into publishing books on chess and chess variants.

Ishi Press has published translations of Winnie-the-Pooh into 45 languages.

Ishi Press now has more than 850 books in print, including more than 200 chess books. Other Ishi Press books are about Go and other board games, high-level mathematics including calculus, and United States and Japanese history.[citation needed]

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