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Ishq Click
Directed by Anil Ballani
Produced by Ajay Jaiswal
Satish Tripathi
Written by Rajeev Yogendra Nath
Niket Pandey
Starring Adhyayan Suman
Sara Loren
Keshav Arora
Music by Ajay Jaiswal
Satish Tripathi
Edited by Hardik Singh Reen
Algol Films
Release date
  • July 22, 2016 (2016-07-22)[1]
Country India
Language Hindi, English[citation needed]

Ishq Click is a 2016 Bollywood Romantic film, directed by Anil Balani and produced by Ajay Jaiswal and Satish Tripathi. It stars Adhyayan Suman and Sara Loren.[2][3] The film is based on the life of a supermodel from Mumbai who struggles very hard to become a top model and a photographer who helps her in her struggle.[4]


From Mumbai, a girl; Sophie Dias (Sara Loren), struggles too hard to become a top Super Model and during her struggle she meets a photographer; Aditya Vardhan (Adhyayan Suman), who helps her throughout her efforts and also falls in love with her. The movie was released on 22 July 2016 and the Promotions of the movie is done by Vedant Kumar Mishra Shamrock Communications.


  • Adhyayan Suman as Aditya Vardhan (Protagonist Lead)
  • Sara Loren as Sophie Dias Vardhan (Protagonist Lead)
  • Sanjay Gurbaxani as Indra Sengupta
  • Keshav Arora as Dr. Tushar
  • Sanskkriti Jain as Era Sengupta (Antagonist Parallel)
  • Raj Premi as Inspector Kadam
  • Manas Srivastava as Advocate Manchandani
  • Anjali Rana as Advocate Smita
  • Sarita Patil as Nun
  • Trilok Bhatia as Priest


Ishq Click
Soundtrack album by Satish-Ajay
Released 2016
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Label Zee Music

The Soundtrack Have Singers Included Ankit Tiwari, Mohammed Irfan, Nakash Aziz, Neeti Mohan, Amanat Ali Khan, Shalmali Kholgade, Hricha Narayan, Anamika Singh, Ajay Jaiswal.

1."Mana Tujhi Ko Khuda (Duet)"Satish Tripathi, Manisha UpadhyaySatish-AjayAnkit Tiwari & Hricha Narayana4:00
2."Dhai Akhar"Anoop BajpalSatish-AjayMohammed Irfan6:25
3."Ishq Mein"ShellySatish-AjayNeeti Mohan4:28
4."Kuhu Bole"ShellySatish-AjayShalmali Kholgade5:34
5."Mana Tujhi Ko Khuda (Reprise)"Satish Tripathi, Manisha UpadhyaySatish-AjayNakash Aziz & Hricha Narayana5:36
6."Mana Tujhi Ko Khuda (Solo)"Satish Tripathi, Manisha UpadhyaySatish-AjayAnkit Tiwari5:36
7."Ka Dekhun (Duet)"Shekhar AstitvaSatish-AjayAjay Jaiswal & Anamika Singh3:31
8."Ka Dekhun (Solo)"Shekhar AstitvaSatish-AjayAjay Jaiswal8:21
9."Abhi Ajnabee Version 1"Satish TripathiSatish-AjaySamira Koppikar3:52
10."Abhi Ajnabee Version 2"Satish TripathiSatish-AjayMadhuri Pandey3:56
11."Ka Dekhun (Unplugged)"Shekhar AstitvaSatish-AjayAmanat Ali Khan8:21
12."Ka Dekhun (Duet) 2"Shekhar AstitvaSatish-AjayAvinash & Anamika Singh8:21
13."Mana Tujhi Ko Khuda (Remix)"Satish Tripathi, Manisha UpadhyaySatish-AjayAnkit Tiwari4:25
14."Dhai Akhar (Unplugged)"Anoop BajpalSatish-AjayAmanat Ali Khan5:02
Total length:1:17:25


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