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King of Mari
Reignc. 2400 BC Middle Chronology
King of Mari

Ishtup-Ishar (Išhtup-Išar) was a king (Lugal) of the second Mariote kingdom who reigned c. 2400 BC.[1] The king's name was traditionally read as Išhtup-šar, with šar being a common divine element in personal names attested in the region.[2] However, the king's name is read as Ishtup-Ishar by Alfonso Archi, Ishar being an important justice deity worshiped in Mari and Ebla.[3]

In a letter written by the later Mariote king Enna-Dagan, Ishar is attested conquering and destroying the Eblaite cities of Lalanium and Emar.[4]

King Ishtup-Ishar of Mari
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Mari
2400 BC
Succeeded by

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