Iskender Alptekin

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Iskender Alptekin
Iskender alptekin.jpg
Born (1961-08-29)29 August 1961
Kafro Tur Abdin, Turkey
Died 18 May 2010(2010-05-18) (aged 48)
Occupation Politician, musician
Movement Assyrian/Syriac nationalism

Iskender Alptekin (Syriac: ܐܣܟܢܕܪ ܐܠܦܬܟܢ‎) also known as "Matay Rabo" (29 August 1961 – 18 May 2010) Kafro, Tur Abdin was an Assyrian/Syriac politician, musician and the President of the European Syriac Union (ESU).[1]


Iskender Alptekin was born on 29 August 1961 at the Kafro village in Tur Abdin, Turkey. He passed his childhood at the village while studying the primary at the same time learning Syriac language. He left his village in 1977 to Istanbul for working as many other people. At 1978 he got married with Ferida Cacan and at the same year he emigrated to Switzerland. He was the father of two daughters.[2] � During his life in Sweden he became active in Assyrian politics and he joined various national conferences in Europe, the United States, and Australia.

Iskender Alptekin became the first Chairman of newly established European Syriac Union on 14 May 2004. He was again unanimously re-elected at the second ESU Congress in 2007.


On Thuesday 18 May 2010 Iskender Alptekin died at a heart attack in Switzerland.


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