Isla Tortuga

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For other islands with similar names, see Tortuga Island.
Isla Tortuga
Isla Tortuga is located in Mexico
Isla Tortuga
Isla Tortuga
Location Gulf of California
Coordinates 27°26′42″N 111°52′51″W / 27.44500°N 111.88083°W / 27.44500; -111.88083
State Baja California Sur
Population uninhabited

Isla Tortuga (Tortuga Island) is an island in the Gulf of California, created relatively recently in geologic terms by the volcanism associated with the East Pacific Rise. It lies east-northeast of the city of Santa Rosalía, in Mulegé Municipality. It has a surface area of 11.374 km² (4.39 sq mi).[1]

Tortuga Island rattlesnake (Crotalus tortugensis) is endemic to Isla Tortuga—it is found nowhere else. It is very abundant on the island and found everywhere, except in the caldera of the volcano.[2]