Island Peril

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Island Peril
Developer(s) electric fantasies (1995)[1]
Publisher(s) Atlantean Interactive Games[1]
Platform(s) MS-DOS[1]
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player

Island Peril (IP) is first-person shooter for MS-DOS published in 1995 by Atlantean Interactive Games and developed by Electric Fantasies. The game follows the exploits of Dick Danger as he pursues his kidnapped girlfriend Samantha "Sweet-Cheeks" Smith[1] from the cluthches of the Evil Boss.[2]

The gameplay was very similar to the recently released Doom.[3] However, instead of fighting demons, the player was set against "Dweebs" and cursed "Body Builders", other enemies included floating tiki heads and voodoo gods on a cartoon-style island setting.[2]