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Isole band logo.jpg
Background information
Origin Gävle, Sweden
Genres Epic doom metal
Years active 1990-present
Labels I Hate Records
Napalm Records
Cyclone Empire
Associated acts Complicity
Ereb Altor
Februari 93
Loch Vostok
The Storyteller
Withered Beauty
Members Daniel Bryntse
Jimmy Mattsson
Crister Olsson
Past members Henka
Magnus Helin
Magnus Björk
Per Sandgren
Jan Larsson
Kim Molin
Jonas Lindström

Isole is an epic doom metal band from Sweden that is currently signed to German record label, Cyclone Empire.


Formed in 1990 under the name Forlorn, the band released several demos before changing their name to "Isole" in 2003 in order to avoid confusion with other bands named Forlorn.[1]

In 2005, Isole released their debut album, Forevermore through I Hate Records. In 2006, they also released The Beyond and 'Throne of Void through I Hate Records.

In 2008, Isole's third full-length studio album, Bliss of Solitude, was released through a different label, Napalm Records.

Their 2009 album Silent Ruins was also released through Napalm Records.[1] Silent Ruins is a concept album about a man who wakes up without any memory of his life in a post-apocalyptic world; he slowly gains memories about himself but fears that this will lead to a devastating conclusion for him. Crister Olsson stated in an interview that the story of Silent Ruins will be continued on a future album, possibly two future albums, one of which might not be Isole's next studio album.[2] In October 2011, the band's latest album, Born from Shadows, was released.

The Calm Hunter (2013 - present)[edit]

In late 2013, Isole started the production of their future album. On May 28 of 2014, the band split with their record label, Napalm Records.[3] They later signed with Cyclone Empire on July 29 of 2014.[4] Their next album, "The Calm Hunter" through this label is scheduled for release on the 28th of November 2014.[5]

On October the 15th of 2014 the band released the track listings for The Calm Hunter. On October 28 of 2014, a statement was released on the band's website that Jonas Lindström would be departing the band: "It is with sadness that we announce that Jonas will leave Isole. He will surely be missed! We wish him the best of luck with everything and we had a great time together in Isole. Hopefully we will be able announce a replacement behind the drumkit soon!". The last show that Jonas will perform with the band is scheduled for the November the 28th of 2014.[6]


Current members[7][edit]

  • Daniel Bryntse - guitars, vocals (2004–present), Drums (2005)
  • Jimmy Mattsson - bass, harsh vocals (2013–present)
  • Crister Olsson - guitars, vocals (2004–present)

Former members[8][edit]

  • Jonas Lindström - drums (2004 - 2014)
  • Kim Molin - drums
  • Magnus Helin - guitar
  • Jan Larsson - bass
  • Magnus Björk - guitar, vocals
  • Per Sandgren - guitar
  • Henrik Lindenmo - bass, harsh vocals


As Isole[7][edit]


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