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Israel Medical Association (IMA), is a professional association of physicians in Israel.

The association traces its origins to the Hebrew Medicinal Society for Jaffa and the Jaffa District, founded in 1912, which later became the Hebrew Medical Association in the Land of Israel (HMA). [1] The IMA has a world fellowship program open to physicians around the world. The current head of the Medical Association Chairman is Dr. Leonid Eidelman.[2]

The association publishes two journals: Harefuah (Medicine) in Hebrew with English abstracts and Israel Medical Association Journal (IMAJ).

In 2007, Dr. Yoram Blacher, chairman of the IMA since 1995, was named president of the World Medical Association. [3]

The association marked its centennial year in November 2011 with a symposium and exhibition at the European Union headquarters in Brussels. The events were organized by the Belgian Jewish Doctors’ Group, Bnai Brit International and the Board of Deputies of British Jews.[4]

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