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The Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia is a local film festival based in Philadelphia, PA. The festival's aim is to "enrich the American vision of Israeli culture and society through film." Each season, a slate of feature films and documentaries are selected to provide a "diverse and impartial" reflection of Israel.


The festival was founded in 1996 by Mindy Chriqui, Aryeh Rudnik and Ruti Kulka. The first season began at Philadelphia's Gershman Y on Saturday, November 9, 1996 with Eytan Fox's "Song of the Siren".

Program and Funding[edit]

The festival's program includes feature films, dramas, comedies and documentaries that are award-winning and have received wide recognition both in Israel and abroad. The Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It is funded through ticket sales, personal and corporate contributions, art grants, as well as in-kind contributions. Organizational support is provided by The Center for Israel and Overseas, the Consulate General of Israel in Philadelphia, and a wide array of community partners.

Key Personnel[edit]

The Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia's current chairperson is Nurit Yaron. She assumed this position in 2009. The Festival's coordinator is Mindy Chriqui. The Festival is organized by a committee of 12 volunteers, who perform different functions from fundraising and marketing to venue coordination and distribution.

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