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Istor-o-Nal is located in Pakistan
Location in Pakistan
Highest point
Elevation 7,403 m (24,288 ft) [1]
Ranked 68th
Prominence 1,025 m (3,363 ft) [2]
Coordinates 36°23′13″N 71°53′21″E / 36.38694°N 71.88917°E / 36.38694; 71.88917Coordinates: 36°23′13″N 71°53′21″E / 36.38694°N 71.88917°E / 36.38694; 71.88917[3]
Location Pakistan
Parent range Hindu Kush
First ascent 1955 by Ken Bankwala, Joseph E. Murphy, Jr., and Thomas A. Mutch[4][5]
Easiest route glacier/snow/ice climb

Istor-o-Nal or इस्तोर-ओ-नल is the third highest mountain in the Hindu Kush, in the Chitral District of the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. It is the 68th highest independent peak in the world. It crowns a massif with eleven peaks of elevation more than 7,000 m (22,966 ft). The peak is located a few kilometres northeast of Tirich Mir (the highest mountain in the Hindu Kush), across the Tirich Glacier. Because Istor-o-Nal is behind the higher peak of Tirich Mir from many viewpoints, it is not easily visible and therefore not well known.

The word "Istoro Nal" means horseshoe in the chitrali language (Istor means "horse"). The origin of the name is unclear.

Istor-o-Nal was first climbed on June 8, 1955 by the Americans Joseph E. Murphy, Jr., and Thomas A. Mutch, led by Pakistani Major Ken Bankwala,[4] on a Princeton Mountaineering Club expedition. They climbed the west ridge, starting from the south side of the peak on the Tirich Glacier. Their small, minimally financed expedition (by the standards of the time for high-altitude mountaineering) achieved what was then the second highest summit attained by Americans.[4]

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