Stephen Várdai

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His Eminence
Stephen Várdai
Cardinal Archbishop of Kalocsa
Archdiocese Kalocsa
See Kalocsa
Installed 25 February 1457
Term ended 22 February 1471
Predecessor Raphael Herceg
Successor Gabriel Matucsinai
Other posts Cardinal-priest of Santi Nereo ed Achilleo
Created Cardinal 18 September 1467 (created in pectore)
19 September 1467 (published)
by Pope Paul II
Rank Cardinal-priest
Personal details
Born 1425?
Szabolcs County, Kingdom of Hungary
Died 22 February 1471 (aged 46)
Kalocsa, Kingdom of Hungary
Nationality Hungarian
Denomination Roman Catholic
Previous post Vice-Chancellor of the Kingdom of Hungary (1456-1458)
Alma mater University of Ferrara

Stephen Várdai (Hungarian: Várdai István; died 22 February 1471) was a Hungarian Roman Catholic bishop and cardinal.


Stephen Várdai was born in Szabolcs County, Kingdom of Hungary, ca. 1425, the son of nobleman Pelbartus Várdai.[1] He studied at the University of Ferrara, receiving a doctorate in canon law.[1]

In his early life, Várdai joined the military to fight against the Ottoman Empire.[1] He later joined the ecclesiastical estate.[1] He was a canon of the cathedral chapter of Eger from 1451 to 1454.[1] He spent 1454 to 1456 in the Voivodeship of Transylvania.[1] In 1456, he returned to Eger in 1456 as provost of the cathedral chapter.[1] He became Vice-Chancellor of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1456, holding this post until 1458.[1]

In 1457, he was elected Archbishop of Kalocsa, with Pope Callixtus III confirming his appointment on February 23, 1457.[1]

Shortly thereafter, he was sent to the Kingdom of France to negotiate a marriage between Ladislaus the Posthumous and a daughter of Charles VII of France.[1] This embassy was frustrated by the Hungarian king's death later in 1457.[1] In 1464, the new king, Matthias Corvinus made Várdai Chancellor of the Kingdom of Hungary, a position he held until 1471.[1]

At the request of Matthias Corvinus and Louis XI of France, Pope Paul II made Várdai a cardinal priest in the consistory of September 18, 1467; his appointment was published in San Marco, Rome the next day.[1] He received the titular church of Santi Nereo e Achilleoon May 13, 1468.[1] He was not sent the red hat until February 1471.[1]

He died in Kalocsa sometime between February 22 and 26, 1471.[1] He is buried in Kalocsa.[1]


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