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The It's-It Ice Cream company headquarters in Burlingame, California

It's-It Ice Cream is an ice cream manufacturer and distributor based in Burlingame, California. The company has four products with their most popular being the It's-It ice cream sandwich, which is a scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies and dipped in dark chocolate. The original vanilla It's-It has been available in additional flavors since the 1980s.

The It's-It was invented by George Whitney, one of the original business owners when San Francisco's Playland at the Beach opened across the Great Highway from Ocean Beach.[1] One version of the origins of the name is that Whitney was experimenting and cried out "It's-It!" when he hit on the combination of a sandwich of vanilla ice cream inside two oatmeal cookies, covered in chocolate.[1] Another is that he heard someone answer the question which cow had won a cow race that day (a tradition at Playland); the cow's name was It.[2]

For nearly forty-five years, until Playland was demolished in 1972, the It's-It was available only at Whitney's shop. After Playland closed, the It's-It name was passed to George Mavros, who sold the icecream sandwiches at another location near Ocean Beach.

In 1974, the Shamieh brothers, A.L. McDow and Isa Zaru, bought the It's-It name. They mechanized production, first at a facility on 11th Street in downtown San Francisco, moving to the current factory in Burlingame in 1976. The company's products are now sold in supermarkets and convenience stores.[1] Chocolate, strawberry, mint and cappuccino flavors were added in the 1980s[2] and green tea in 2016;[3] pumpkin is also available.[4][5] The company has also added other ice cream products, including the "Super Sundae", the "Big Daddy", the "Super Cone", and the "Chips It".[1][6]


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